Services - Video & Animation

The best way to engage and grow your brand online.


Whether you’re looking for amazing aerials with the drone, on the ground video or an animation, the brief is the first step to bringing your business story to life. We’ll ask some quick questions when you book your consult, to get a head start on what you love (and what you don’t!).

Help us get to know your business and goals in under 5 minutes - tell us why you need your video and where you’ll be using it, share some examples you love and let us know what story you’d like to tell or information you’d like to share in your video.

We’ll arrive around 15 minutes ahead of our shoot time to make sure we’re set up and ready to go. We know that getting in front of the camera can feel intimidating. Our team make it their priority to help you and your team feel at ease.


Arrive on shoot day, assured that we understand your vision. Relax, as our team help you feel confident in front of the camera while we shoot the footage we need.

We’ll get to work bringing your storyboard to life, drawing the vectors and designing the images that support your brand and style.

We’ll animate according to the storyboard, and add music and sound effects.

We’ll put the footage together based on the storyboard - when you get it back there should be no surprises


We’ll cut the video together, choose music and add any other features to match the tone and style specified in your brief.

It’s time to share your video or animation with the world! You’ll be sent your video as soon as we’ve exported the final product. You’ll see a link to your video arrive in your inbox, download your video in the format you need.